Client Love

Here are a selection of client testimonials from some of my boudoir & beauty photoshoots.


"My expectations were exceeded 1000%. I noticed a shift in myself in the middle of the shoot, and everyday since I have been feeling lighter and lighter - like a goddess. It was a VERY OVERWHELMING experience but in the best way. It was incredibly healing." 


"In the last 2 minutes I’ve just seen more photos of myself that I love then I’ve seen in my whole life. This experience with Victoria ended up being not just a photoshoot, but something transformative. It has helped lift me out of a dark place, and now every time I look at the photos they make me feel stronger and better. It's something I will be grateful for, forever. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I get to relive that every time I look at the photos." 


"I love the way I look in the photos which is a very new experience for me. It allowed me to see myself in a different way, definitely a confidence boost. I have often thought how wonderful it would be to have someone take beautiful photos of me, but never found a reason - I discovered that I didn't need one! I wanted to do this for me, I wanted to look glamorous, cheeky, happy, sexy, yet in all of this to be true to who I am, to be the best version of myself." 


"I walked into Victoria's studio unsure if I was the "right" type of woman for this photo shoot. I actually never imagined I could pull this off. I now have a new love for myself and just like being me. Seeing my photos for the first time was a shock because I never really saw myself as beautiful. Victoria makes anyone feel super comfortable and the photos look like a work of art." 


"I feel like I’ve seen myself in another light and I’ve never felt better about myself. I was so stunned at how well the photos turned out. I felt so completely comfortable and confident being photographed by Victoria, she made me feel like a goddess! There were many laughs, jaw dropping moments and surprises during the shoot. I recommend Victoria to anyone and everyone." 


"The shoot turned into a beautiful growth and truth of seeing yourself and who you are. It makes you feel proud of who you have become because of your life and what you have been through, not in spite of it. It shows that our experiences are what make us beautiful. It's the most fun, humbling, and emotionally healing experience." 


"Doing this photoshoot with Victoria was such a great experience. I was so nervous going in but she made me feel super comfortable and I really enjoyed it all. It has made me feel more confident in my body as I’ve never seen myself in photos like that before, and I love them! I would highly recommend going out of your comfort zone and doing a boudoir shoot." 


"I was definitely nervous going to the shoot but that disappeared very quickly once I was there. Victoria and Poppy made me feel so relaxed. I loved every minute of the photo shoot. It made me feel beautiful and sexy - something I haven't felt in a longtime. I feel amazing! I still get blown away when I look at the photos. I can't believe they are me! I certainly feel more confident in myself and I know that, like every woman, I am beautiful in my own way." 


"The photo shoot I had with Victoria was AMAZING! I initially felt nervous and awkward, but this quickly passed - Victoria and Poppy put me at ease very quickly. I felt supported, safe and comfortable. I would thoroughly recommend doing this. It made me feel 50 and fabulous!" 


"The shoot boosted my morale exponentially. Before coming in I was extremely nervous, hiding in a shell, but knew it was something I had to do. Once I did it I got home and felt the fresh air hit my face, it was like a weight had been lifted, I felt free. It made me realise that no matter your reason, be proud of the person you are."


"To be honest the entire experience was crazy amazing, like a bookmark on your journey to womanhood. It was a very sensual experience, something I don't often get to feel! I felt that my pictures portrayed me in the most beautiful way. It's not just about the photos you see, it's about feeling good about yourself. It’s an experience that I would want any woman to have." 


"Victoria made me feel like a goddess! I'm so proud of accepting myself exactly as I am, and this shoot was to celebrate that. Now I’ve done it - after SO many years of talking about it - I am feeling super proud and I actually feel that I have a perfect body. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate yourself and just how fabulous you are!" 


"I'm definitely feeling more confident with my body after the shoot. I felt completely comfortable in Victoria’s care. Seeing my photos was surreal, I loved them but it was hard to believe they are of me! As a transgender woman I was really afraid my body couldn't match up to the feminine ideal. Victoria was incredible in helping me feel comfortable and assured me that my status didn't make me any less a woman. I came out with some incredible photos and felt more confident than ever!" 


"Vic, you connect to your clients and are able to draw out their innermost self and then capture it on camera. It's an experience that you will never regret or forget. Vic has an amazing soul and personality that instantly puts you at ease. Her directions and suggestions make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and also make you laugh - and the images are just WOW."


"From the first moment Victoria made me relaxed and happy. I feel more confident in myself after the shoot. The photos were more beautiful than I had dared to hope, and allowed me to see how others do. I was euphoric for hours after the shoot. What a way to feel beautiful and special!" 


"It was nerve wracking walking into the photo shoot! But once I was there I got to chat away about my life while getting dolled up, while Victoria was pouring me a glass of bubbles - I was so put at ease. By the time my hair and makeup was done I was filled with confidence and completely at ease. I had a great shoot with Victoria with amazing chats and laughs. I’m so proud of myself and the pictures, it was very empowering." 


"I was quite nervous about the idea of photos being taken of my awkward self! Once we got started, I started to feel more comfortable and started having fun! When the photo shoot started Victoria asked me to trust her, I had to let down my guard. The experience was amazing, I never realised I was capable of such a thing! Now, I feel more comfortable within my own skin. I have always struggled with the idea that I was not a perfect picture, but I have come to realize no one is, but we are all beautiful in our own unique way. It's more about how we feel on the inside which will be what people see on the outside." 


"It is such an organically empowering thing. I feel like Victoria watched, listened to and understood me and this is apparent in the amazing photos I now have! I was so worried about going through with the shoot because I felt it was so self indulgent but it has made me feel like a real goddess! I couldn't be happier with the amazing photos I now have. For the first time in a long time, I feel like maybe I look like I feel! It's been such a positive and empowering experience. When I saw the photos I thought: I can't quite believe that's me! The photos are beautiful and I feel really proud of myself." 


"Book yourself a shoot and you will be rewarded with an awesome feeling and beautiful photographs that you can be proud of! It's easy to find things we don't like about ourselves but there are so many things we should appreciate and shouldn't take for granted. When you see the photos you look at yourself and think: is this me? It's important to know that no matter what you look like you are beautiful just as you are." 


"Victoria gives you a relaxed environment and makes you feel comfortable in the skin you're in. I am shy by nature, but you don’t need to be bold or out there to have a photo shoot. I would totally recommend Victoria and her team. They make you feel beautiful and create a treasure you can keep for life." 


"Even though I had worries, my shoot was a great experience. The lovely Victoria is such a professional and is great at putting you at ease. I love Victoria's eye for detail & love for her job, she was enthusiastic & lovely to work with. " 


"I had low expectations going into the shoot but I came out feeling amazing and on top of the world! It’s given me a real boost to feel comfortable in my own skin. It was an amazing experience. I reckon everyone should do it at least once, or even once a year! It was amazing to be photographed by Victoria, she made me feel at ease and really comfortable and relaxed. I recommend Victoria to anyone that's wanting to do a boudoir photoshoot as she makes you feel welcome." 


"I thoroughly enjoyed every second I was completely blown away by the entire experience. I have always been camera shy, but from the second I stepped through the door I felt at ease and excited about every aspect of the shoot. The finished photos were beautiful and Victoria captured the real me, my personality, quirks, style and true self, which I have never seen or felt comfortable to show on camera before. She is amazing at what she does and I'm so glad I trusted her to push me past my fears and insecurities to produce such authentic gorgeous images." 


"To be honest I wasn't that sure what to expect from my session, but it was very positive and uplifting. I felt a little uncomfortable and unsure at first, but quickly felt at ease and had a lot of fun. The pictures are stunning, and I have never had pictures of myself that I actually loved before, so thank you! I’d definitely recommend the experience to others, Vicki is fun to work with and so good at putting people at ease and making it feel natural."


"The shoot was sooooooo much fun I loved the way you just put me at ease and I was able to dance my way through it. During the shoot I felt liberated, usually I’m covering up my body, but during the photoshoot I was taking layers off. That’s not something I’ve been comfortable with before. Seeing the pictures and how you perfectly captured not only the lively vibrant person I am now but also the person I saw myself becoming and the stark realisation that I am actually that person right now... brought tears to my eyes. I felt powerful, beautiful, and inspired after the shoot and I would definitely recommend it to anyone of any age shape or size." 

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