It's people that I love, people and their bodies. I’m so intrigued by how everyone’s bodies are so beautiful in different ways. Everyone has a very special something about them and during my boudoir and beauty photography sessions I make it my mission to capture your essence and your unique beauty. 

Helping you see your strength, beauty and power is what I get a kick out of. I honestly think I get as much as you do out of the boudoir and beauty photography session.  I simply love it!

MY PROMISE : I’ll show you how beautiful you already are

I get it – loving yourself in a society that values an unattainable ideal is hard.  As women we carry around so much baggage that isn’t serving us. I invite you come in to my Nelson studio and leave that baggage outside, also leave outside all your perceptions of how you are best photographed. 

I believe that the most wonderful and authentic boudoir and beauty photographs happen when you are comfortable in front of the camera. I hear women tell me time and time again that a piece of them that is not often seen, came out during their boudoir and beauty photoshoot and they came home to themselves. 

I want that for you too.

Forget everything you think you know about boudoir & beauty photography

I’m a female empowerment photographer. The experience you have with me runs deeper than beautiful photos. This is about taking back control of your body, your image, and how it’s portrayed. Are you ready to show up for yourself? 

Every woman should have a photo of herself that she is in love with

I promise this can happen regardless of how you feel about how you look. Everyone can look beautiful in photos because Every Body is beautiful. My studio is for all women. I welcome all skin tones, shapes, sizes, and ages.

The makeup washes off, but the experience is with you forever 

I’m not a photographer of women, but for women. You'll leave my studio with something intangible: the inner glow of confidence. Prepare to go on a journey with me. 

“I cried when I saw my photos, they are stunning. I am so grateful and proud that I have finally done this shoot. Victoria thank you, you are absolutely wonderful, every single step of my experience has been a delight” - Lendl

Here's how your boudoir & beauty photoshoot experience happens:

1: Our meeting

It’s important that you feel comfortable with me so you can trust me enough to get the photos I know you’ll love. 

We’ll chat about why you want to do a boudoir & beauty photoshoot and how you want to feel when you look at the photos, what style I'll photograph you in, and what you’d like to get from the experience. 

2: The Boudoir & Beauty Shoot

You’ll arrive at my Nelson photography studio greeted by me and your professional hair and makeup artist. We’ll start by putting your favourite tunes on, dishing up a yummy platter, and fixing you up with a glass of bubbles! The shoot is time for you, so relax and enjoy the pampering. 

During your boudoir & beauty shoot we can try a few different outfits and setups. I’ll use my years of experience to light and pose you to get you looking and feeling your best. 

Plan something special for after your boudoir & beauty photoshoot. You’re going to be walking on air and feeling fantastic!

3: Photo Viewing

Your viewing is the final step in your boudoir & beauty photoshoot experience. When the photos are ready (usually around two weeks later) we’ll meet at the studio. Then comes the best part – deciding which ones you can’t live without. 

This is my favourite part of the process! Watching you really see yourself is truly powerful. 

This is why I do what I do. 

“Victoria is fun, funny, and caring so you feel at ease to be yourself. I think she captures something in you that you don't see, and you realize you are so much more than you realized after seeing the photos and the beautiful empowering way that Victoria presents them in the viewing” - Debie

“My expectations were exceeded 1000%. I noticed a shift in myself in the middle of the shoot, and everyday since I have been feeling lighter and lighter - like a goddess. It was a VERY OVERWHELMING experience but in the best way. It was incredibly healing” - Jaimee

Here are a selection of images taken during Boudoir & Beauty photoshoots at my Nelson photography studio.