Boudoir & Beauty

Why would I do this? 

You don't need a reason, excuse, or event to gift yourself this experience. Do it for you, because it's something you want to do. You deserve it!

Can I give these as a gift?

Lots of people come to a boudoir shoot because they want to give the photos as a gift - which I understand! However, I believe that this is something you should be doing for yourself. If you want to share them then go for it. But do it on your terms.  

Can I be photographed with anyone else?

You are going to have your hair and makeup done and will be feeling fabulous, so why not make the most of it? Take the opportunity to get some beautiful photos with your partner, mum, best friend, or kids and arrange for them to arrive at the end of your shoot. We can even do their makeup if they’d like!

Can I bring someone with me?

You might feel that you’ll be more confident with a support person at the shoot. Just make sure it's someone that is going to let you shine and not steal the limelight ;) They need to remember that the day is all about you! 

How do I prepare for the shoot?

I’ll email you a comprehensive guide on what to do (and what not to do!) to prepare for your portrait shoot.

Business Branding

What should I wear and how should I prepare?

After you book your business branding shoot I’ll send you information detailing exactly how to prepare, including styling advice. I do recommend that you also book one of my recommended hair and makeup artists, so you can be sure you’ll look polished, professional, and camera ready.

I can’t see what I need in your packages. Can we discuss something different?

Absolutely. Let’s meet up and design something bespoke that gives you exactly what you need. 

Where can I use these images?

You own all final images from the shoot and are free to use them for whatever purpose you’d like. If you are using the images for something specific (eg website, social media)  then I will shoot and edit with that in mind.

General FAQs

But...I’m not a model and I’m not photogenic?

Want to know the difference between you and the people you see in magazines? It’s just a professional hair and makeup artist who knows how to get you camera ready, and a professional photographer who knows exactly how to light and pose you! Don’t believe me? Take a look at my before and after gallery

Where do you photograph?

My home studio is in Nelson, based in the unique Founders Park, and I sometimes work out of a studio in Wellington. I can travel to your business or location contact me for details.

I’m not based in Nelson, can you still photograph me?

Absolutely, I have lots of people who travel for their shoots. Nelson is a great place to spend a weekend and I’ll edit your photos right away so we can do your viewing while you’re still in town.

Can you please photoshop me?

It depends what we’re talking about. If you’ve got some temporary visitors (spots, bruises, scratches) then I can work my magic. But anything that’s a permanent feature (wrinkles, freckles, stretch marks) is part of what makes you a unique and beautiful person. Trust me - I know how to use flattering light and clever poses to make you look and feel fantastic. No trickery required!

Help - I need to rearrange my shoot!

Don’t worry, I understand that sometimes life happens! As long as we’re more than seven days away we can reschedule. Any less than that and it’s too short notice for my team. See my detailed T&Cs here


I don’t know which pre-payment package to choose…

My most popular package is Silver, but if you’re having a hard time deciding you can always chat to me about what would work best for you.

Can I book the pre-payment bonuses without a package?

I’m all about getting you exactly what you want. Get in touch if you would like a personalised pre-payment package.

If I fall in love with more images than I’ve paid for, what happens?

This is a regular occurrence, and we can always upgrade you on the day if you’re finding it impossible to narrow it down (what a wonderful problem to have!). 

What if I don’t like enough images?

Trust me, that will not be a problem! My job is to take beautiful authentic portraits of you that you love and can't live without.

“The shoot was so much better than I thought. I was worried I wouldn’t feel comfortable but it was such a great experience. I’m so proud of myself and the pictures, it was very empowering” - Carrie

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