The photographs I take now, in 30 years time will be priceless. That is my gift to you.

We looked for a very long time for a photographer that could capture light and a natural style, we absolutely found this in Victoria! We are always thrilled with the result and our walls are adorned with her work. Victoria captures the moment effortlessly, I cannot recommend her enough.
— Amy M.

My photographs capture the connection between people, when I photograph your family I freeze those moments in time. 

As time goes by and you look at the photos you will remember the smell of your baby's head, the sound of your wee boy giggling, how excited you all were when you were expecting your new baby, how you could just stare into your baby's eyes all day long and how cheeky your kids were.  

She has a beautiful sense of light and composition, and is amazing at capturing those beautiful in between moments without intruding on the intimacy of the occasion. Highly recommend her.
— Lorin O'Reilly

The best place to be photographed is where your family is most comfortable, where you can have an adventure together, I’ll tag along for the ride. Be that in a park, your home or the beach, just as long as there is light and it is delicious.

Victoria is magic at making both adults and kids relax - awkwardness goes out the window and in come genuine smiles and laughs making natural beautiful shots. The photos are gorgeous and memory of the shoot too - we had so much fun. We’ve tried a few places to get our treasured family photos taken and these were by far the best. Highly recommended and thank you Victoria!
— Kim Rooke

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