Victoria Vincent

I have recently moved back to my hometown of Nelson, I wanted to give my kids the idyllic lifestyle I had growing up. Lucky me the light is gorgeous down here. (Welly I still love you! I regularly come back up for work, so don’t be a stranger)

I mostly shoot in natural light, bending and extracting it to produce the most beautiful and softly lit images possible.

I like small apertures that capture the essence of a person and the people they love. My goal is to photograph the connection between people; I prefer people to smile at each other rather than at the camera.

My approach to commercial and portraiture work was framed by my experience making documentaries for the BBC in London. I have learned to let the story tell itself by capturing the  candid moments that are so easily missed. This desire for the candid image gives my photographs a natural and genuine edge –  this is my point of difference. My ease behind the camera allows subjects to relax and results in my award-winning portraiture work.

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Thanks for the photo  Jenny Siaosi

Thanks for the photo Jenny Siaosi